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On this page you'll find information and links to some fine companies offering various great products and services that you may wish to visit, once you've finished shopping here at Wool Overs. It's a brand new page, which we will be adding more to over time.


If you're looking to make your consumer choices more environmentally friendly and ethical, take a look at this new site which aims to highlight natural fibre, recycled and 'sustainable-source' goods called
Natural Progression
. There's lots of great stuff on there, from natural fibre rugs to hemp sandals!


Here are some handy hints and tips for complementing your Wool Overs knitwear with some other great fashion items:

Sometimes change isn't needed! We have many styles here at Wool Overs that we've been stocking for years, because they are classics, and classics never go out of fashion! It's the same with these fantastic vintage retro Adidas Originals available from Yukka. There's plenty of stylish retro shoes to choose from, plus other items such as hats and classic retro jackets aimed at hip youngsters or the young at heart!)


DJS Research provide a wide range of professional market research agency services. They've conducted numerous projects for universities, colleges, the National Health Service University (NHSU), PCT's and a number of Councils. Research has covered branding, customer satisfaction, and internet shopping. They are also an approved supplier with The National Archives. With a market research agency and marketing background, DJS Research Ltd clearly understands how market research fits in with the marketing process.
Description: DJS provide a wide range of professional market research agency services.


For a wry (if mostly fabricated) look behind the scenes at Wool Overs HQ, look no further than Woolymikes Japes in Jumpers blog. But be warned; there are images of pink and purple sheep (used to make our Argyle jumpers) that some shepherds may find disturbing….

Wool Overs

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